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Our story

”The worn and streched Oyster Bracelet sitting on my arm, had made its way several trips around the world and been a true companion in all types of weather conditions like water, snow, ice and sun from the day I graduated to three decades later. This Rolex is like a beloved family member you cherish and care for. How do you replace that ? You can’t ! But you can care, respect and maintain what once was – that’s the true DNA in our company”

Peter Grossmann, Founder


Whilst already quite established within the international new and vintage Rolex collector community through buying, selling and making appraisals our band restoration services intends to service a broad base of collectors around the world. With our partner, together both we have restored more than 40.000 bracelets. As a result you can expect from our company secure shipments and payments, fast turnarounds and keep track of every customer in our database.


The guys at Rolex Bracelet Service has nailed down the essentials when it comes to restoration of Rolex bracelets. It took them less than 3 weeks including shipping both ways to fix my Sub 1680. The watch was a 18Y BD present way back in the early eighties. The 1680 has been my everyday watch and travelled the world with me. I simply love the fact that its still my old bracelet and it looks like it just left the factory. Keep up the good work.


Simple, fast, accurate and so much better than buying a new bracelet. Wish I’d known this company before. So cool. Thanks.


I normally never write any testimonials but Rolex Bracelet Service deserves all the credit they can get. My late dads vintage 18k gold Daydate was involved in a falling down some stairs accident. The bracelet got twisted and heavily scratched. And it had some stretch from being used all those years. Before I found Rolex Bracelet Service the only option I had was a new bracelet. When I learned that they actually do not replace but restore and repair I gave them the job as I also wanted to keep the watch as original as possible. The snug fit, the same look, the feel – it is just perfect. Last but not least I saved enough money using the Rolex Bracelet service and had a great family trip to Disney.


Got a hint from a friend that showed me the result on his vintage GMT Jubilee G/S bracelet. My wife had for years been wearing her ladies 18K Rolex Datejust with a loose fit and in the end the watch was dangling on her arm until the bracelet simply broke in two. The price for a new band was almost the same as I paid for the entire watch many years ago. Not only did we get the bracelet back in immaculate condition at a fraction of the price compared to a new bracelet, but we got some very useful hints and tips how to maintain it. I will make a promise that whenever I see a worn out bracelet I’ll tell my story. Thank you for a great idea and super service.

Haakon & AnnaOslo

Absolutely no need to buy a new bracelet. If you want to keep it original and in great shape just go with Rolex Bracelet Service. Looks like new and feels like new. Love it.


Hej Rolex Bracelet Service. Vil blot sige tak for en super oplevelse. Min gamle arbejdshest af et Sub 16800 fra 1980 har været udsat for lidt af hvert. Da jeg afleverede min lænke til jer, så jeg et 1680 I havde lavet og håbede på at min lænke kunne blive nogenlunde ligeså flot. Forventningerne blev 100% indfriet.


Staff were very helpful. Bracelet was repaired and returned very quickly.


Peter´s advice was second to none, he knew what I wanted and wasn't prepared to let me compromise. I could have bought a new bracelet and I'm very happy that I didn't. I'm excited every time I wear my "new" old Rolex


I min søgen efter en holdbar løsning på at få renoveret lænken på mit GMT S/S 1675 Pepsi fik jeg nys om en ny dansk service. Der var ikke så meget slinger i valsen. Jeg sendte et foto af lænken via deres site og tilbuddet kom samme dag. Af med lænken og afsted. Nogle uger senere kom der mail med tracking nummer og lænken ankom dagen efter i tip top stand. Kan klart anbefales.


Lænken på mit gamle Datejust stål/guld kunne ikke mere. Slitage og stræk i en så slem grad, at jeg var bange for at tabe det. Faldt så over denne service. Nu har jeg fået lænken retur og må indrømme at resultatet klart oversteg mine forventninger. Alt ser bare så fint ud. Svært at tro at det er min gamle lænke.


Quotation Request

Bracelet Service is an Appointment-Only destination with unprecedentedly personal customer service. Once we have received your Quotation Request you will receive an email with prices, shipping and payment instructions.

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    As soon as our team restore your bracelet, it will be inspected, secure packed and you will receive wire transfer instructions. When your payment has been registered we ship your Rolex Bracelet by secure carrier. We will normally ship it within 24 hours or next normal working day.