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What are the advantages of buying diamonds at Classic 390?

1. You can easily review our diamonds via 3D photos on your own computer. Click here to see our selection of diamonds in 3D.

2. When buying diamonds at Classic 390, you have the possibility of having your own unique piece of jewelry designed.

3. You receive your diamond in a small metal box with a window for the diamond. The diamond is fully visible without opening the box.

4. You can choose to pick up the diamond at Classic 390 or have it delivered by courier. The price of the courier service is 1% of the diamond’s price for the insurance plus shipping costs of 300 DDK within Denmark and 500 DDK outside Denmark.

5. Classic 390 has no expensive intermediaries, so you are most often guaranteed a highly competitive price.

How can I be sure that the diamond is genuine and of high quality?

All of our diamonds come with a diamond certificate from GIA or IGI, two of the world’s leading certification institutes. The diamonds are delivered directly from the diamond exchange in Antwerp in Belgium.

Can I count on delivery of exactly the diamond that I have seen and ordered on the site?

You can be certain that you receive the diamond you have ordered. The diamond is delivered in unbroken numbered packaging from either GIA or IGI. The certificate number is in some cases engraved in the diamond itself. All diamonds are presented on the site with Diacam 3D scans.

Why can the Classic 390 sell diamonds at such competitive prices?

Classic 390 has no expensive intermediaries. Our supplier, belonging to the elite on the diamond exchange in Antwerp in Belgium, owns the mines, processes the stones themselves and supplies directly to Classic 390.

Can I buy diamonds as an investment and will they increase in value?

Since 1960, the value of diamonds have risen on an average of about 14% a year without regard to inflation. All investments in diamonds are of course linked to a risk. Historically, there have been serious dives in value, for example in connection with l WTC 9.11 and the global financial crisis in 2008. Diamonds for investment must be delivered with a certificate from GIA or IGI or similar accredited institute.

Can I buy colored diamonds at Classic 390?

Classic 390 strives to always have a collection of the more rare and precious diamonds called “Fancy colored” diamonds. Read more here.

Can I regret my purchase at Classic 390?

Classic 390 is a physical store which sells both new and used unique items. We are not an online store. We offer you competent and serious advice prior to any trade and our customers extremely rarely regret their purchase. If you still consider regretting your purchase, we can offer to resell your item in your name.

Does it cost anything to get advice about buying diamonds?

No, you can either book a meeting with us by calling +45 20 77 28 77 or by sending your questions to [email protected].