SOLD! Finn Nielsen Granite Sculpture 168×52 Hole In Stone

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    Granite Sculpture 168 x 52 cm “Hole In Stone”

    Sculptor Finn Nielsen born 1948 

    Member of: 

    The Colorists, B.K.F. Artist Society, Fyns Spring Exhibition, South Funen Artists



    Charlottenborg’s Spring Exhibition 1970-73, K.E. 1969-71, K.P. 1970 among others



    Hanne Benzons premium 1973

    Work scholarship, The States Art Fund 1982-1984 


    Sculptures sold to: 

    The States Art Fund

    Ny Carlsberg Fund 

    Copenhagen Cultural Fund

    Hørsholm  Art Association

    Tuborg  Art Association

    Andelsbank Art Association

    Rockwool Art Association

     Post Giro Office Art Association

     Allerøds Art Association

     West Zealand Art Association

     Aarhus City Hall Art Association

     S.P.I. Art Association

    F.L.Smidths Art Association

    Sterling Airways Art Association

    Roskildes Art Association


    Art installations: 

    Brøndbyhallen; wooden reliefs

    Allerød City Hall; granite sculpture

    Helsinge; granite sculpture

    Kindergarden in Albertslund; marble sculpture

    Osted School; granite sculpture

    Glim School; granite sculpture

    Gråbrødre Skole, Roskilde; marble sculpture 

    holbæk; granite sculpture

    D.A.K.Roskilde; sculpture with water

    Roskilde Library; marble sculpture

    Slagelse Library; granite sculpture and marble sculpture

    Tårs Library; granite sculpture

    Tårs School; granite sculpture

    The School at Taxvej, Bagsværd; sensory sculpture (granite and water)

    Humble; granite sculpture

    Sct.Nicolai Church, Aabenraa; granite sculpture

    Skippergården, Kolding; water art in granite

    Risø Experimental Center; water art in granite

    Osted Church; granite sculpture at the cemetery

    Randers County Newspaper; granite sculpture

    The housing association of 1940, Randers; granite sculpture

    Humble Boarding School; granite sculpture

    School near Lillesø, Ansager; granite sculpture

    NovoNordisk, Bagsværd; granite sculpture

    Sydlangelands Maritime Boarding School, Bagenkop; water art in granite 

    Rockwool, Hedehusene; granite sculpture

    Carl Bro A / S, Glostrup; granite sculpture

    Brobyværk; granite memorial

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