SOLD! Michael Kvium Painting 55×46 Forest View 2004

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    Painting 55 × 46 cm., title “Forest View” 2004

    Michael Kvium (born November 15, 1955 in Horsens) painter.

    Started in 1973 as a satirisk illustrator at Horsens Folkeblad.

    Was educated as a painter in 1979-85 at the Royal Danish Art Academy in Copenhagen.

    Is represented at Horsens Art Museum, which has the largest collection of Kvium’s works.

    Established with Christian Lemmerz, Sonny Tronborg and Ingunn Jørstad the performance group VÆRST in 1985.

    In his paintings his themes are transience, body, psyche, and family relationships. He illustrates the good and evil of man. He uses motives such as eyes, blind spots, brain mass, red sausages, lemons and human bodies that are often androgynous, deformed, blind, and stupid.

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