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Worth knowing about designer bags

Classic 390 – specialists in designer bags

In recent years designer bags are getting more and more an essential part of the attire for women in all ages. Designer bags are also essential for Classic 390. We trade with many of the exclusive brands and are specialists in Chanel and Hermés. We supply and sell to private, vintage shops and the leading auction houses. You can always find a selection of bags for sale on our site. Our bags are carefully selected from dealers and shops around the world. A designer bag is a unique piece of craftsmanship made from the most exquisite materials with distinctive features and curiosities.


In 1909 Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel started as a milliner in the ground floor of 160 Boulevard Malesherbes, when she was the mistress of the textile businessman Ètienne Balsen. Coco’s hats soon became popular, especially when the famous actress Gabrielle Dorziat wore one of her hats on stage during the play Bel Ami. In 1910 Coco got her milliner license and moved her shop to Rue de Cambon and named it Chanel Modes. The shop was partly financed by Captain Arthur Edward ‘Boy’ Capel, who inspired Coco to design jersey clothes. He also had her as his mistress during this time.

In 1954 Coco made a huge come back into the fashion industry, and she designed one of the most iconic bags in February 1955, which she called 2.55. The bag clearly reflected her romantic lifestyle with small pockets for lipstick and love letters plus an external money pocket. At the same time the bag was targeting the modern working woman with the double strap in order to have both hands free. The outer quilting was synonymous for the entire Chanel brand.


Thierry Hermès started a harness workshop in 1837 in the Grands Boulevard quarter of Paris addressing noblemen. After a long period with success in Europe, North Africa, Russia, South America, North America and Asia, Èmile-Maurice Hermés, the 3. generation after Thierry, obtained the rights in France for using zippers, formerly known as fermeture Hermès, in clothes and leather goods. In 1918 Hermès introduced a golf jacket sold to Prins Edward of Wales. During the 1920’s Èmile-Maurice expanded the Hermès assortment with clothes and accessories and made his three sons his business partners. In 1922 Èmile-Maurice introduced ladies bags after his wife had been complaining about not being able to find any nice bags anywhere, which led Èmile-Maurice to make his first collection of ladies bags.

Icons as branding

In decades Hermès and Chanel have been dominating the market for exclusive bags. These bags are known for their exquisite materials and also an eminent ability to make their bags iconic getting famous women to wear them. Hence the Kelly bag named after Grace Kelly and Birkin bags named after Jane Birkin. These classics are constantly coming out in new colors and materials.